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Tangled cables, accumulated household items at the entryway and messy makeup drawers are all common places we all have been when we talk about keeping our homes tidy. In order to fix this situation you don’t have to break your piggy bank and get an expensive system to put everything in the right place. 

But, what can you do? Easy peasy, look around your house for items you can repurpose in places such as washrooms, the kitchen, rooms, etc. Streamline the way you tidy-up your home by following up these DIY hacks.

  1. Organize your towels using a mesh file

Turn small mesh file organizers into a spot to put rolled hand towels and washcloths. When you roll instead of folding your towels you can fit more towels in a smaller place. And, if multiple people share the same washroom you can easily put a tag on each mesh file organizer or classify them by colours. 

  1. Use a sock organizer for your glasses

Deep drawers tend to get messy easily. Using a sock organizer can be the perfect way to organize your glasses once and for all. Not only will it be easy to get out and put your glasses back but it will also prevent these from scratching. 

  1. Store common items using buckets

Entryways tend to be a common place for black holes full of items we bring home on a daily basis. How to solve this? Personalize a bucket for each family member where keys, sunglasses, etc can be placed at. And, if you have a pet just remember to make one for them too. Without question this a fun family project to reinstate order at your home entrance.

  1. Organize your craft supplies in plastic bags

It is a low-cost solution not only to organize craft supplies but also small toys and office items. Put them in a zippered plastic bag and clip them on pant hangers. 

  1. Attach magnets to your makeup

Magnets? Yes, that’s right, attach these using a strong glue. Put up a magnetic board and the problem is solved! You will access all your makeup easily.

  1. Organize cable cords using binder clips

Say goodbye to the tedious task of detangling cables by using binder clips. Clip these on a nice decorative tray, pass the cord through it and that’s it! It has never been this easy to keep them apart. 

Personalized every project while organizing every space now the fall season has just started. If you do so, share it and tag us on social media using our account @lisbethherrerarealtor.