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In the last 8 months we have all come familiar with every inch of our house and now when winter is approaching it is time to assume that outdoor activities will be limited for obvious reasons. 

For that reason, I am sharing 6 tips to cure the pandemic fatigue at home. 

  1. Re-organize your furniture

Working from home at the beginning of the pandemic turned into chaos for some. And that is why, this is the perfect moment to rethink some areas around your home. It is time to dust off that table that was left behind with a pile of objects and turn this into a desk you can personalize to have your own office at home. 

  1. Renew or Paint 

 What better season to do this? We are just a few weeks away to say goodbye to 2020, hence renewing or painting your house will keep you active and in good spirit when you see your walls and/or objects in good shape. You will be adding monetary value to your place as well.

  1. Fix appliances, wires and wifi 

If your kitchen, laundry machine or any other appliance is not working properly, the time has come for you to fix it now that a lockdown is quite possible while cases keep on the rise. Make sure to also have some new bulbs around in case you need to replace any. And since everything is happening online, do not forget to update and install all the softwares and systems that might be necessary to keep you in touch with your family, friends and colleagues.

  1. Enjoy the outdoors

Even when this is a season we tend to spend more time indoors due to the cold weather, it is also a fact that not every single day is too cold, therefore taking a stroll around it is a good idea in order to grab some fresh air. 

  1. Decor with plants

Even if you do not have a patio, getting a plant will give you a sense of wellness. A plant or more will give some life and color to your surroundings, while you see them growing and thriving due to the good care you will be giving them. 

  1. Get some board games

Who hasn’t spent hours having fun playing board games? Options are endless and you will have the chance to connect out of the virtual world with your loved ones.

Now, are you looking for more space for you and your family? We are here to help and guide you through while you’re looking for your new home