What we have learned about disinfecting

Posted January 25, 2021 07:00

We learned a lot of things during 2020 but the one thing we learned mostly about was about disinfecting. From how to wash our clothes to how to disinfect all surfaces around our house. Last year we found ourselves taking better care of ourselves and our family. 

For this reason, we are sharing some details about how to disinfect:

  1. Disinfect, sanitize and clean are not the same

Yes, that is right, there is a difference between these 3 actions and your disinfectant won’t do anything if the surface is not clean. That is why your kitchen counter might look free of dirt but still be the perfect ground for the growth of bacteria. 

Now, you must know that sanitize and disinfect are related to reducing contamination but disinfecting means killing viruses, bacteria and germs almost entirely.

  1. You need to clean before proceeding to disinfect or sanitize

Did you know that disinfectants won’t work on surfaces that aren’t clean? This is what happens: viruses and bacteria can hide in organic material anywhere around your house, reducing the effectiveness of the disinfectant. 

To make sure you will be doing it correctly by always using soap and water or an all-purpose cleaning product when cleaning or before disinfecting.

  1. Avoid using pre-diluted bleach

Bleach is a pretty effective substance to kill germs including coronavirus. However and in order to use this correctly you need to dilute this with water right before using it. Once you are done ditch this away because light and temperature destabilize its power.

  1. 70% alcohol might be better than 90%

It might sound crazy but it is a fact that 90% alcohol could be too harsh when disinfecting certain surfaces. This is related to the water content which allows the alcohol to permeate the bacteria cell wall and destroy it.

  1. Leave the product in contact with the surface for the proper time

We’re still leaving in a hurry (even during the pandemic), hence it is important to read the labels of every single product we use, since they won’t do their job properly if we use them by following a ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

  1. An iron or steam machine will help you disinfect

In the scenario someone gets sick in your household, it is truly important to wash all clothes apart using bleach or a similar product. Now, what if you don’t have any of these products? Simple, use your iron or steam machine and say goodbye to all germs.

  1. No need to disinfect all surfaces at all times

Yes, prevention is key in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus but cleaning each and every single surface constantly is not  recommended. Reasons why specialists recommend practicing what is called “focused hygiene” where only areas with a lot of traffic are the ones we should clean frequently, such as door handles, kitchen counters, etc. 

Now that we start a new year it is important to keep our good practices in order to prevent coronavirus and other diseases. It is also also important to remember that stressing out about disinfecting might have the contrary outcome.