What do buyers really want in Canada?

Posted March 6, 2019 07:00

Homes inspired by HGTV and luxury swimming pools were much appreciated by Canadian buyers, but it seems that times have changed. A survey of 1,800 consumers conducted by the real estate market Zolo Realty found that buyers are more interested in the properties with a garage, a private bathroom and a bathroom on the main floor and a new oven or A / C unit . Buyers are not stupid, updating a kitchen and removing walls is a lot of work, but these updates are not as difficult or as expensive as trying to sculpt a bathroom for a master bedroom or building a garage from scratch, explains Mustafa Abbasi, president of Zolo Realty The survey found that there is broad agreement between men and women when asked about their wish list to buy a house. A garage is key for 51% of women and 41% of men, and a considerable proportion of both men (39%) and women (31%) consider that a bathroom is a necessity. But there is a certain divergence between the genres with women who prefer an updated kitchen (39%), while men want a bathroom on the main floor (38%). An updated HVAC is important for both men (32%) and women (38%). A fenced yard is more important for women (38%) while men prefer energy-saving appliances (31%). On the other hand, the respondents made clear what really does not seem important when buying a house:

  • Swimming pool: 61%
  • Suite for guests: 54%
  • Mudroom: 44%
  • Lake or city view: 35%

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