Tips for Moving in Winter

Posted February 13, 2019 07:00

While many people hope to start the process of finding homes in the spring to move in the summer or fall, not everyone has the luxury of choosing when to do so. Whether you have to move for a job, or because the house of your dreams is available at the precise moment and you need to make a quick offer or risk losing it, you can not miss a closing date for the season. While it is not ideal to move during these snowy and icy Canadian winter months, the process can be made easier by taking into account some important tips. Shovel and salt Before loading and unloading anything, you need to shovel snow and thaw the access road and roads in your current and new home. The safety of your family, friends and helpers is of the utmost importance. You can not risk slipping and falling, especially when people are lifting boxes and heavy furniture. Warm clothes Get dressed to be outdoors for extended periods of time. But, since you'll be in and out throughout the day, dressing in layers is a smart move. Look at the temperature and dress accordingly. This could mean taking your long pants under your clothes, or putting a sweater under your coat, with gloves and a hat, of course. If you are lifting a lot of weight, you can warm up all day, so the idea of ​​layers will be an advantage, since you can throw a layer as needed. Leave everything ready for the move Before you start moving items to the new house, go there to prepare them to move. This means making sure the heating is on, so you can be comfortable the first night of your stay there. This visit should also include the cleaning and thawing mentioned above. You can also fill the refrigerator with essentials for the day of moving. Monitor weather reports Before moving, check the weather reports. In the case of extreme weather conditions, it is possible that you can change the date, according to the agreement that has been made with the new owners of your home or with the previous owners of your new place. If it is not safe to drive, with blackout conditions, you may have no choice but to postpone. Hire someone It is important to recognize that you are not a moving professional and you probably do not have winter experience. Hire helpers if you do not feel confident in your skills to do it carefully and professionally in the winter weather. Professional assistants have experience in all types of weather, so trust your experience. Protect your furniture Use old sheets, towels and blankets to protect the furniture while they are moving from the inside to the truck. If it's snowing, you do not want your items to get wet and damaged during transport. Label the boxes Be very diligent in labeling boxes, since you will want to find blankets, bedding, winter clothes and pantry items quickly. You will also want to find everything you need to be warm and comfortable for that first night. By labeling all the boxes, you will know which ones to open first. Serve hot drinks and snacks Instead of traditional beer and pizza, it might be better to serve coffee or hot chocolate ... and pizza. Pizza is still a must, but be sure to have a cup of coffee or run often to the local coffee shop. Try to keep all your helpers warm, alert and happy. Do you have any other suggestions or ideas? Comment it down here!