Guide for Beginners Gardeners

Posted March 18, 2021 22:24

Have you ever wanted to prepare a salad with vegetables that you have harvested yourself? Or give away a bouquet of flowers that you have cultivated yourself? Right now is the perfect time to start preparing your dream garden, so we decided to help you with a few simple steps:  

  • Investigate: your first attempt may not be the most beautiful garden but it will certainly inspire you to follow and improve your vision of what you hope to achieve. Check out the web: applications like Pinterest will give you a million ideas as to how to decorate and organize your space.

  • Tools: Without a doubt, you will need the right tools to prepare the space, plant and maintain your garden. For example:

    • Gloves: to protect your hands from thorns and dirt.
    • Hand Pallet: It will be your best ally when planting seeds, digging and transfer potting plants to land.
    • Wheelbarrow: You probably have to buy some gardening soil to mix it with yours and make it more fertile. Having a wheelbarrow on hand will be a great help when transporting the land from your vehicle to the garden.
  • Clothing: To be a good gardener, you will need some key pieces in your closet:

    • Overall: comfort and convenience at the same time. Gardening panties have lots of pockets with the perfect space for all your tools, plus the space for you to use knee pads.
    • Shoes: When working in the garden, you will want to have comfortable and functional shoes. Generally, rain boots are the best option. Make sure they are short and antimicrobial to keep your feet cool.
    • Hat: protecting yourself from the sun is essential when you do gardening. A hat and sunscreen will be your best friends when you are outdoors.

  Having these utensils will make preparing your garden for spring a lot easier and you can fully exploit your creativity. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information on how to prepare your house for spring or if you want to take advantage of the new season to sell your property and invest in a new one.