10 Daily Tasks to Keep Our House Clean

Posted March 18, 2021 22:24

We must admit: we do not all like it or we have time to do the maintenance of the house our second job. However, assuming simple habits that do not take much of our effort, will help us keep the home flawless.   1. Take off your shoes upon arrival: do not go past the front door. The shoes are full of dirty and germs. Decorate your entrance with a carpet or a small shoe so your family can get rid of them without major problem. 2. Make the bed: every morning before leaving home. Even if the room is not fully tucked up, a bed stretched will make it look tidier. 3. Clean the shower: If you have glass doors in your shower, it is ideal that when you finish bathing, clean the surface with a little lazy. It will take about 30 seconds and will prevent water marks and dirt from accumulating. 4. Clean the sink: no one wants to see the traces of toothpaste. Having a pot of wet wipes on hand will make the task much easier, it only takes 1 and it will look flawless. 5. Clean kitchen stops: essential to prevent food and grease residues from accumulating at the counter.  

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  1. Clean on-the-go: For example, if you are preparing a meal and you have to wait while the food is cooked in the oven, you can either wash the utensils you have already used or clean part of the counter that you will no longer use. This way, when dinner or lunch is ready and you finish eating, you just have to put the dishes in the dishwasher.
  2. Make a quick cleaning at the end of the day: before going to bed, pick up the children's toys, hang the jackets, discard whatever trash. If everyone helps, it will not take more than 5 minutes and will help you to see everything more organized and have a calmer tomorrow the next day.
  3. Pick up clothes: Before going to bed, be sure to pick up any clothes that are watered or out of place. Thin the jackets, place the laundry in the basket and save what you think to use again. In the morning, fold and put your pijamas in your preferred place.
  4. Open a door, or two: open the door of the entrance or the backyard for a while is ideal to ventilate the house, eliminate food odours and refresh the environment.
  5. Close a door, or two: it is very difficult to keep each space of the house clean and tidy, more when you have small children and there are toys everywhere. A trick to make your home presentable in case you have a visit and have not had time to pick up is to close the doors. He closes the doors of his rooms and the disorder will become invisible](http://lisbethherrera.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/blog-adentro-300x200.jpg)](http://lisbethherrera.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/blog-adentro.jpg)