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Stories, anecdotes and lived experiences

Katty & Luis

We met a long time ago, before I became a real estate salesperson. I remember it was in a baseball game of Venezuelans here, in Canada.   They lived rented in a basement in Oakville. Katty really wanted to move but Luis did not believe in investing in real estate. It...

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Andreina & Luis

We met in 2012. They came to Canada from Venezuela and my mother-in-law had referred them to me. They were both with their 3 children and about 20 suitcases. I had gotten them an apartment to stay while they settled in the city. It turns out that when we arrived at...

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Andreina & Daniel

We met in 2012. They already had some time in Canada but they lived in an apartment in Mississauga. She was pregnant with her first baby, Lucas, but that did not stop her from wanting to start a moving process. The first transaction we made was buying a townhouse in...

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Ambar & Omar

We met in 2011, they just arrived in Canada from Venezuela. Omar was fortunate that his company offered an international transfer to the offices located in Burlington and Ambar was ready to look for work but within 2 weeks of being here, we heard a beautiful news: she...

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