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Low temperatures and winter are getting closer and November is the month to prepare. With the changes in the environment, it is important not only to prepare ourselves with good jackets, hats and gloves but to prepare our homes.


Here we have 5 simple tips to prepare your house before the winter officially arrives.


  • Prepare your home for the fire: The fireplace is a meeting point during the winter months, but it is important to check that everything is in order both inside and out. Take a few minutes and check your fireplace inside that I have no bird nests or a crack. Also, check that outside brick is mistreated. Remember that it is also important that a professional clean it at least once a year.
  • Organize and clean your garage: With the arrival of winter there are tools that you will no longer need and others that if. Change the lawn mower to the snow shovel. Keeping your garage organized and with everything you need for this new season, will make the transition and the process much easier.
  • Maintenance of your pipes: Low temperatures can cause pipes to freeze, which can lead to flooding in your home. We do not want that, right?
  • We recommend that you go to your nearest hardware store and look for a pipe insulation sleeve or pipe insulation sleeve. We recommend placing these hoses in pipes that are located in places where there is not much heating.
  • Check your heating system: One of the most important things in the winter season is the heating system. We recommend that a professional check that everything is in order with its operation. It is also important to check the ventilation system and the chimneys. Finally, check carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors. They may need a simple battery change.
  • Have an emergency kit in case of a snowstorm: Prepare your own emergency kit in case of a snowstorm and you can not get out. Do not just include things like batteries, medicine and flashlights. Incorporate food, water and specific things that you think your family may need at home to not be able to leave the house. Chocolate is never over, right?


We hope these little tips will help you prepare for the winter. These are simple things that make a big difference in your home.


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